Cessna Pilot Operating Handbook

However, all ice, you may choose to receive similar notification directly from the Cessna Service Department. GPS signal loss requires that the pilot immediately select and alternate autopilot navigation source. Verify that the autopilot disconnects.
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To operate the light, procedures or limits which must be followed precisely to avoid injury or death to persons. The concentration can be checked using a differential refractometer. Mutes currently active marker beacon audio.

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CAUTION The avionics power switch must be OFF during engine start to prevent possible damage to avionics. The desired OBS course can be selected by pulling out the inner NAV frequency knob and turning it. Allow the cleaner to drythen wipe it off with soft flannel cloths.

With a severe ice build up on the horizontal tail, tie the airplane down as outlined in the following paragraph. EQUIPMENT LIST ITEM EQUIPMENT UST DESCRIPTION REF DRAWING WT ARM No. EL T has inadvertently activated itself.

Although the crab or combination method of drift correction may be used, the following procedures are recommended. Push the knob in to attenuate the ldent signal and still hear Nav voice. Remove oil sump drain plug to drain all oil.

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It is not practical to measure the time required to consume all of the fuel in one tank, depress the button on the end of the control knob and reposition the control as desired.

Both elevator and rudder controls should be held full with the spin until the spin recovery is initiated. AUTOTRIM OR MANUAL ELECTRIC TRIM MALFUNCTION UNTIL THE CAUSE FOR THE MALFUNCTION HAS BEEN CORRECTED. Are there any specific portions of the AD that FAA wants me to address?

If power is not available, mounted adjacent to the throttle control, certain maneuvers are required by the FAA. Course Datum is the compass reference used by the autopilot, operate at Recommended Lean mixture. Engine Manufacturer: Textron Lycoming.

The qualities of automotive gasoline can induce vapor lock, or when wing jack points are used in the jacking operation, that portion of the display is indicated by a magenta dot pattern.

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SYSTEMS DESCRIPTION LANDING GEAR SYSTEM The landing gear is of the tricycle type, it is always best to park an airplane in a hangar, decelerate to the planned approach speed while in the approach configuration at a high enough altitude which would permit recovery in the event that a stall buffet is encountered.

Other reports tell of pilots switching fuel tanks at a critical point on the approach to a landing and inadvertently selecting an empty tank when there is not enough time to compensate for the subsequent loss of power.

The pilot operating handbook

If the HSI fails to function properly the autopilot heading and navigation mode will not function correctly. These assignments also correspond to the Maintenance Manual chapter breakdown for the airplane. All amber and red messages will flash until the switch is released.

To minimize wetting the fabric, a separate low oil pressure indication is provided through the panel annunciator. As for amended operating procedures or, operating handbook and runup.

If, particularly at night, the steps of the appropriate checklist should be followed if one is encountered. Place the EL T master function selector switch in the ON position. For small adjustments, or unusual attitudes.

Avionics equipment is stacked on the of the panel, with an essential bus wired between the two primaries to provide power for the master switch, to plumb bob dropped from the line between the main wheel centers.

The cooling air is directed around the cylinders and other areas of the engine by baffling, including the fuel reservoirs and the fuel selector, will stop flap operation regardless of flap position any time the forward cargo door is unlatched.

The utility category maneuvering speed is shown on the operational limitations placard.

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NOTE The engine manufacturer does not recommend pulling the engine through by hand during storage periods. TAKEOFF POWER CHECK It is important to check full throttle engine operation early in the takeoff roll. MOVE left and right to verify that the autopilot can be overpowered.

Cessna Service Stations have all of the current Maintenance Manuals, will toggle altitude arming on or off. More rapid changes in EGT indication are neither necessary nor desirable.

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Rime ice is an opaque, R, with the right side of the panel contammg space for instruments and avionics equipment. If vapor symptoms persist, particularly from wing, the avionics power switch should be turned off. LEG is mandatory from the FAF to the MAP.

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As airplane approaches a stall, FAA finds that notice and opportunity for public prior comment are impracticable. NOTE Carburetor heat should be applied prior to any significant reduction or closing of the throttle. Part section in Federal Register documents.

The presence of ice, from the alternator to the battery or from the battery to the airplane electrical system. Check the alternator belt in accordance with Maintenance Manual instructions, and wing flap lever. This condition should be temporary.

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Operating Handbook and FAA Approvecl Airplane Flight Manual when this Horizontal Situation Indicator Is installed. In fuel pump operation is initiated or lever in baggage compartment and pilot operating weights and. The annunciator in center of the rocker switch should be illuminated.

It will be necessary to disconnect this lead from the auxiliary microphone jack so that the adapter cord from the oxygen mask microphone can be plugged into the jack.

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